I’m really fed up with technology lately

Minetest for example, has needed FOV setting function in the Lua API for years, someone even implimented them and it still didn’t get merged. Instead we got a zoom function where the user can hold a key to zoom to a server specified FOV.

Riot can’t even get basic usability right, there is no output device setting for VoIP which makes it unusable for a friend of mine, while Jitsi Meet takes up too much bandwidth for another’s connection.

The Matrix <-> IRC bridge is [bleep], and can’t manage to do things actual IRC clients have for over 20 years. New things are added to the Matrix API without first fixing what was broken (VoIP, presence, guest logins being real logins and people loosing their names because if it)

CUDA is crap, it needs an older version of GCC, but Blender needs an older version of CUDA, and Void only ships the most recent version of GCC on top of that.

Tox can’t get its crap together, Skype and Discord are proprietary, IRC is ancient, Matrix can’t figure out pyramid development, Ring is more lacking than IRC..

YouTube is going to crap, Vidme went to crap, LBRY is p2p (take that for what you will), Bitchute has the same problems as other torrent networks, Mediagoblen still needs federation, Minds feels bloated and overcomplicated, and Vimeo is still centralized.

FreeBSD has crappy GPU support, Linux is a mess. Don’t even get me started on the state of Windows and MacOS.

Mozilla has gone to crap, Google has been crap, 3rd party browsers generally suck.

Privacy is being neglected by the masses, Systemd is bloated, IRC is becoming synonymous with Freenode and technology can’t keep up with the growing demand for robust solutions while remaining relatively simple!

Ok, I think thats it, for now.

Just…screw modern technology


One thought on “I’m really fed up with technology lately”

  1. ^ What he said… if you’ve been in this stuff for 20-30 years, it’s really evident how much things have -devolved- into sloppy design and shoddy product.

    The internet was FAR more open, diverse, and ‘free’ in 1999 than it is in 2019. Now it’s just a data sucking, brain sucking Leviathan controlled by a few.

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